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#AskAmira Handbag hate?

#AskAmira Handbag hate?

Q: “I recently bought a designer bag and I’ve been receiving a lot of negativity from friends, family and co workers thinking it’s a waste of money… What do you think?”

A: I honestly can’t stand how some people just can’t get it through their minds that we ladies buy things because we simply like them. (especially those who just don’t understand handbags).

One should never underestimate the power of accessories. Not only can the right bag change an outfit, but it can make you sit up a little straighter, smile a little brighter and have a better day. Bags: They’re like self-esteem that you can buy.

I got a little off topic there for a moment… Back to your question, ignore the negativity! We all spend our money on things that seem ‘stupid’ to other people; for example some people spend ridiculous amounts of money of partying/drinking, expensive cars, expensive electronics, traveling, furniture etc! We all like to spend our extra money on different things – don’t apologize for buying something that makes you happy!

Personally, I’m like YOU! I love designer handbags and a lot of people in my life don’t understand that either; but at the end of that day it’s YOUR LIFE! I learned along time ago to STOP apologizing for being myself and or putting myself first from time to time! My advice, rock your bag and love it! BUT don’t get into debt over it; otherwise they would have a point and who wants that?

Congrats on the bag! I’m sure it’s absolutely fabulous! 

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