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Goodbye Grey's Anatomy!

Goodbye Grey's Anatomy!

I never thought I’d be saying this but, i’m done with Grey’s Anatomy! I’m sure you know by now Grey’s Anatomy killed off Derek Shepherd (Mcdreamy) from the show! The episode left fans both in tears, confusion and anger – Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has been on the show since Season 1 and fans have been loyal for over 11 seasons watching the Mer/Der love affair!

After all the drama (bombs, ex wives, deaths, adoption, shootings, plane crashes) the two finally settled down in their dream house with their happy family only to have Derek spend half the season (off screen) in ‘Washington’ on a special Presidential brain mapping project; then to have Derek return to admit long distance marriage is too hard and he wants to be with his family. On his way back to Washington to resign, he is involved in a car accident which leads to his death. Not exactly an ideal send off? Personally, I feel they shouldn’t have ‘killed’ off his character. Why not just have him stay in Washington?

I waited until last Thursday’s episode to make my final decision on wether to continue watching the show or not…The optimistic part of me hopped that Meredith would wake up from a horrible nightmare and everything would be fine. After that didn’t happen I was anxious to see how the show would deal with the aftermath of Derek dying and I was extremely disappointed to say the least… They fast forwarded a year and hardly gave Derek the proper send off he deserved. Not even so much as a guest star appeared (sloppy episode). 

Many fans agree, US weekly released this statement.

“Mad about McDreamy! Grey’s Anatomy fans went through another box of tissues in the two-hour episode “She’s Leaving Home (Part 2)” following Derek Shepherd’s death on Thursday, April 30. But it turns out, they weren’t just upset about his funeral. Viewers were disappointed in how the ABC medical drama handled the aftermath, which (spoiler!) jumped several months to reveal that Meredith Grey was pregnant with his child.”

I always came back to Grey’s even after they killed off many of my favourite characters, but this was by far the worst two episodes of the series and I’d rather stop watching the show now than watch it completely unravel… I don’t want to see Meredith’s life without Derek (after rooting for 11 years for them to be together). I jokingly tweeted that Grey’s Anatomy has become an abusive relationship and I would no longer be watching.

I also feel like the reason he was killed off makes the entire thing worse (because Shonda thought he was being a Diva and coming to work with a bad attitude). I know Shonda has a no diva policy for her shows; but couldn’t she cut Patrick some slack, he is after all going threw a public divorce and probably custody battle for his children.

Obviously that’s not the ‘official’ word..

Shonda creator of Grey’s Anatomy released this statement,

“Derek Shepherd is and will always be an incredibly important character — for Meredith, for me and for the fans. I absolutely never imagined saying goodbye to our ‘McDreamy.’ Patrick Dempsey’s performance shaped Derek in a way that I know we both hope became a meaningful example — happy, sad, romantic, painful and always true — of what young women should demand from modern love. His loss will be felt by all. Now, Meredith and the entire Grey’s Anatomy family are about to enter uncharted territory as we head into this new chapter of her life. The possibilities for what may come are endless. As Ellis Grey would say: the carousel never stops turning.”

ABC also released a statement about why Dempsey left:

“After 11 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey is moving on to pursue other interests. Dr. Derek Shepherd is an iconic character and we’ve been proud to be the home of ‘McDreamy’ and the ‘Mer/Der’ love story. The devotion of Grey’s fans throughout the years has been a testament to the creative mind of Shonda Rhimes and Dempsey’s talent. ‘McDreamy’ will be greatly missed and we wish Patrick the very best in his future endeavors.”

Goodbye Greys! Let me know if you’ll still be watching in the comments below. 

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