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Advice For Your Younger Self…

Advice For Your Younger Self…

What I would tell my 10 year old self? If I could go back in time and tell myself something I’d probably tell myself that I’m right. I’d validate all the things I thought as a 10 year old girl but wasn’t able to articulate or was told i just ‘too young’ to be apart of the conservation.

That probably isn’t the answer most of you were expecting, but it is honest.

8213_10156619256575271_5433742851414134277_nFrom a young age, I seemed to grasp the fact that the world was run by money and power. The more money you had, the more powerful you were… And despite all the talk about good always overcoming evil, it seemed evident to me that wasn’t always the case. That was something you tell kids, you attempt to ingrain in them; but it didn’t link up with the reality I was seeing.

I also felt, that school wasn’t as ‘big’ a deal as adults made it out to be. Now to clarify, I obviously think education is important but the way the system is, the ‘requirements’ and the tests that determine smart and dumb are fundamentally flawed. As I thought then and counting to think now no one has ever asked me to measure a sphere and I’ve seemed to live a successful, productive adult life.

I remember a teacher mumbling something under her breath and it really resignated with me; because it’s one of my early experiences that’s validated that teachers aren’t always right or deserving of respect. I can’t recall exactly how the topic of God had come up and she mumbled something about what kind of God would let kids starve in Africa (a statement people often use) and I remember in that moment being so disappointed in that argument and lacking the ability to articulate my thoughts back too her but thinking and still think it isn’t God who is starving those children, we are. He didn’t divide the world by country, government and wealth. All those things are man made – we have a world and resources that no one has to starve, everyone should be able to get basic needs to live. But human greed has left us where we are today. Children who die from lack of access to clean water or food. And if you believe in God people blame him for not ‘helping’ those people and if you don’t people use starving children as ‘proof’ he doesn’t exist.

Years later I had another teacher say she thinks hand sanitizer will be what kills us all, the entire world… Her reason? She said it will kill off all the healthy germs, causing us to have weak immune systems and a harsh flu will wipe out the human race… Yes, that really happened. Well, apparently she has never left North America and has a completely obscene view of the world since the vast majority don’t even have access to clean drinking water let alone hand sanitizer; just another example of ignorant ‘educator’ who we are suppose to respect and look up too.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve also had amazing teachers who have had a great positive impact on my life, but sadly those are far and few between.

And lastly I think I would just tell myself that everything is going to work out and fall into place so just enjoy the moment and not be in such a rush for the next phase… That’s probably valid advice for myself even now!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you would tell (what advice you’d give) your 10 year old self!


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Amira is a Canadian author, blogger and entrepreneur. She published her first novel 'Ecstasy' March 2014.

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