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Is Being Married An Accomplishment?

Is Being Married An Accomplishment?

For a bride, her wedding day is magical but not every single woman thinks getting married is the most important goal. When Natalie Brooke wrote an article saying she didn’t think getting married was a major accomplishment, she sparked a fierce debate online. She said “You don’t have to have a brain, drive or special skill set to get married. You just have to have a willing partner,” Brooke, 27, wrote in an article last month on the Huffington Post.

She goes on to say “I’ve noticed for a long time that getting married is put on a much higher pedestal, especially for women than any academic, professional, volunteering, or hobby-related success is and I’ve always been confused,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, getting married is a huge event, but I don’t think it’s an achievement and I don’t think having a ring on my finger makes me unique or special.”

Commenters quickly swarmed the blog, claiming Natalie was not supporting woman’s choices and obviously doesn’t understand marriage to make such a statement.

Another blogger wrote a response piece that resonated with me a lot… She said, “As well written as it was, I couldn’t help but be overcome with anger and frustration. A lot of generalizations were placed on us women and what we should and should not count as accomplishments and apparently marriage didn’t quite make the list… Instead, we should aspire to be CEO’s, lawyers and doctors which is all well and good, but why should I listen to somebody else tell me what my dreams should be? Why should we not count our vow of forever as a momentous and proud moment in our lives? It didn’t make sense to me. Not one bit..”

I think marriage IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT and here’s why… So as I mentioned I saw an article that kept making a reoccurrence on my newsfeed. The article was all about why marriage is NOT an accomplishment. Granted the article made a few good points, but I am here to say that the idea of marriage NOT being an accomplishment is far from correct, just the evidence of our ever twisted perceptions on modern day relationships.

So, just why should marriage be considered an accomplishment? Is it more important than graduation from high school? From college? Is it more important than getting a great job or buying a home? The answer to all of these is yes, it is far more important. But why? Am I just a small minded individual who doesn’t value myself as much as my husband? No not at all. In fact, all of these accomplishments have been amazing for both of us, but none as important as our marriage.

I consider my marriage and my children my greatest life accomplishment. It is an accomplishment every single day, because everyday it takes a lot of effort to make things work. With busy schedules and important obligations, marriage is the first relationship to hit the back burner when life gets busy. Also, it’s really easy to blame your spouse for a lot of your own problems. Even worse, it’s so easy to learn to take your spouse for granted, because after all, aren’t there more important things?

Marriage should be looked at as life’s greatest accomplishment. A real marriage is meant to last forever, longer than your degree, longer than your job, even longer than your young life. Today, people call it quits in marriage quite early. In fact, more than half of marriages end up in divorce! All because marriage is not valued at the level it should be. Your marriage should be with your best friend, your life partner, someone you’d refuse to give up on. Things might be hard, but eventually you too will see that marriage and family truly is life’s greatest accomplishment.


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