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Kareem’s Trip To Flordia + Traveling With A Baby?!

Kareem’s Trip To Flordia + Traveling With A Baby?!

Orlando, Florida has been one of my favourite trips so far because Kareem got to experience Disney with his grandparents! I still can’t believe in a little over a month he’s going to be a year old (that doesn’t even feel real to me). Reflecting on this year Orlando would have been his 5th international trip and his 11th plane ride (I think; I’ve already lost count). At this point he’s practically a travel pro before even hitting a year old.

I know a lot of people can dramatize traveling with babies and kids but honestly it’s all about your attitude. Kids and even babies feed off your energy so just stay calm and don’t stress, it’s never going to be as hard as you think it will!

Here are a few tips for traveling with a baby under a year old!

Don’t pack MORE, pack smarter. Babies need a lot of things on a flight but don’t weight yourself down with things you DONT NEED! Leave the bulky change pad at home and switch it out for deposable changing pads that you can toss out – Pack light weight back up outfit for baby and yourself.

Night flights – This won’t matter for newborns but for a child over 4-6 + months booking an over night flight with give you more of a chance that your baby will sleep most the way (hopefully).

Early, early, early.. Give yourself lots of time to get through the airport and security. Rushing around with a baby will be so stressful. It’s also nice to give you a chance to relax, eat and change the baby before boarding.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Most people and flight staff are happy to help out a mom but if they don’t see you need a hand don’t be shy to ask for help.

SNACKS! This isn’t something I’d advise all the time but nothing occupies little munchkins than snacks. Travel days should always be splurge days.

Ear popping! To help your baby with ear popping and cabin pressure fed them or give them a pacifier during take off and landing.

Wipes! Pack extra baby wipes and ideally get a natural brand like Water Wipes that can also be used to wipe down their hands face and body if you need to freshen them up.

Get a good night sleep before! Traveling can be exhausting and if your already tired before the trip begins your screwed. Make sure you and your baby get a good sleep the night before traveling and have filling breakfast. Tired and hungry is the worst combo!

Everything but the kitchen sink! Remember unless your going into the dessert you can buy things once you arrive so don’t weight your check bag down with mountains of diapers, baby food or toiletries. You can always purchase those things when you arrive to use as you need on your trip! I try and pack just the diapers I need on the flight and a few extra in my check bag. Then hit up a drug store when I arrive.





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