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Kareem’s 1st Birthday in Egypt!

Kareem’s 1st Birthday in Egypt!

If you follow any of my social media then you’ll know I was recently in Egypt with my entire family for a vacation; and to celebrate my son’s first birthday! We spent the first week in Cairo – we stayed at the four seasons along the Nile which was incredible and we got the opportunity to visit the pyramids and the local market. Then we headed to Alexandria where we stayed along the beach and celebrated Kareem’s 1st birthday and my grandmother’s 75th birthday! **Fun fact, we also stayed at the Ritz Carlton for a few nights and Will Smith spent a few days at the same hotel just a week prior.

I can’t wait to bring Kareem back when he’s a little older and we can explore even more! My ultimate goal for Kareem is for him to spend as much time in Egypt during his childhood that he doesn’t feel like a visitor. It’s also important to me that he learns how to speak arabic… I plan on getting him a tutor once he’s a little older.

Too me, its crazy to think I have a one year old son. In some ways it feels like it flew by but at the same time as if he’s always been around! I feel like this upcoming year will be an exciting one! I already got Kareem on a waiting list to start soccer in the summer. It’s a league for kids from 1 and a half too 2 (little kickers) – it’s mainly just for fun running around the field but I’m excited!

I’m also anxious for spring/summer to finally come (it’s been snowy here) it’s the WORST.. I can’t wait to start taking Kareem on long walks and to play in the park. I feel like we’ve been couped up in the house all winter long… Egypt was a nice escape from the bad weather!




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