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My Next Writing Venture…

My Next Writing Venture…

When will your book (or next book) be coming out? If your a writer you’ve probably heard this question a million times from friends, family and even fans or as I call them, readers! Being a writer is an interesting job because people often don’t see the process or all the behind the scene work that goes into it; they only see the finished product. So often times, it seems like we aren’t doing, well anything but that is far from the case (at least for me).

Now that I have a finish line, somewhat in sight I thought I’d address the question and fill you in on my latest passion project. I’m working on a children’s book series about my son Kareem. I guess it was a natural transition, when I was a teen I wrote teen fiction (I tried to write novels I myself would like to read). Now that I’m a mom I was inspired to dabble into children’s literature.

When I first got the idea I thought ‘how hard could it be’? Children’s book don’t seem very complex, or long.. Well, I was wrong. Obviously text wise it’s easier than writing a full out novel script but it has it’s own challenges I hadn’t even considered. Like, finding the balance of simplification, yet still getting across the story line.. I won’t bore you with all the details.

Interestingly I have NEVER been nervous about publishing my work before – not my books in the past or even blog posts but this book is different. I think because I’ve poured my heart and soul into every detail. It’s a book about my son and therefore I’m a little more nervous about the response. But I’ve also never been as excited or proud of any other written work I’ve done.

The series is called ‘Kareem Travels The World’ and it follows his journey to different countries and cities and explores real places and landmarks. It’s suppose to be a fun, educational book that showcases a real part of his life (travel is a huge part of our lives and Kareem’s upbringing). It even touches on different languages and cultures.

Can’t wait to share it all with you as it gets closer! Feel free to send me your Questions for an upcoming author Q&A over on the AT network (your question might be ft)!

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Amira is a Canadian author, blogger and entrepreneur. She published her first novel 'Ecstasy' March 2014.

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