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Life Update + New Condo!

Life Update + New Condo!

Hello friends! I haven’t been as consistent with my posting lately, but I promise I’m back on track 🙂 I decided to fill you guys in on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up too! If you follow me on Instagram [wdi_feed id=”1″]  then you probably already know, I recently bought a condo downtown; I’m so excited to officially be a home owner.

Many people were wondering how Ahmed and I came to the decision to buy a condo over a house…. Well, although from a financial perspective homes are more cost effective especially per square foot, we decided that our lifestyle was better suited for a condo, not to mention it’s also a better long term investment. To be sure of our decision we have rented condo for the first 5 years of our relationship, then decided to rent a house the past three years too evaluate which was right for us; turns out it’s condo! So we took the plunge.

As far as us, we just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (which is craziness) and things are going great. Kareem is 15 months old, and finally walked and running! He’s adjusted well to living in a condo, in fact I took him to the pool today to burn off some energy (for two hours)… I’m hoping to en roll him in pre school soon just for a few days a week so he can interactive with other kids. To keep more update on mom life and Kareem be sure to visit my mom life blog page 😉

The weather in Ottawa has finally gotten great and I can’t wait to have more pool days with Kareem! We have a busy summer planned with trips here and there, most notable we will be headed to Halifax in August with my entire family. If I can fit a quick trip to NY and Dallas inbetween that’d be great and other than that I’ll be decorating and I’m sure re decorating every few months  (the joys of being a home owner).

Work wise, I hope to get back on track with regular postings (sorrrrrrry again) and i’ve finally completed the first book of my children’s book series, which I can’t even explain how excited I am.. Most people think writing the book is the hard part but I know it’s the weeks following that are really tough, so all summer long I will be working remotely with my publishing and marketing team to make my dream of publishing a children’s book a reality!

Thanks for sticking with me through everything life has thrown my way and always showing me so much love and support.

See you next time xoxo – Amira



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Amira is a Canadian author, blogger and entrepreneur. She published her first novel 'Ecstasy' March 2014.

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