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Kareem’s 16 month update!

Kareem’s 16 month update!

Baby Update!! I thought a baby update was over due, although Kareem is now considered a toddler – which is craziness! I mentioned in my last post, it feels as tho the time flew by but at the same time that Kareem has always been apart of our lives. In the past few months we made a big transition moving from a house to a condo; but Kareem has handled it well! I think it also helped that we kept our same bedroom set and his same crib, so it was familiar.

Kareem is ‘talking’ a lot more and can say some words, others is just babbling. I can’t wait for him to be talking! He loves eating, and lucky for me he isn’t too picky but he does hates fish! He loves blueberries, goldfish crackers and cheese. He’s also a fan of pasta, pancakes, oatmeal, stews and rice + veggies. We’ve branched out into middle eastern food, which he loves (like father, like son).

<— This was one of Kareem’s dinners (can we pause for a moment to admire how cute kid plates are, they make me so happy).. It’s kofta, pita bread, hummus and tabolouie salad. He loved it! Although meal time is messy it’s one of my favourite parts of this phase.

Kareem is also walking around and even running; he loves to walk and explore on his own , he’s so stubborn 🙂 which has called for some more baby proofing around the apartment. Now that we’re living downtown I can take him walking in the market and the mall (he does sometimes sit in the stroller) but prefers to walk. Now that he’s walking I’ve needed to update his shoe wardrobe. Baby shoes are the cutest 🙂

As for sleeping, he’s still a great sleeper. He sleeps threw the night and still naps in the morning (he sometimes has a afternoon nap, other times won’t) that is a big factor on what time he goes to bed.

We plan on taking Kareem to Halifax this summer to spent some time in my families summer house so we will be doing a lot of swimming. Kareem loves to swim, which is awesome because theirs a pool in the building so I can take him down anytime.

Ahmed and I have also considered daycare a few days a week so we can play with other kids. He is completely fascinated with other babies and kids, whenever we’re out and about!

Kareem loves watching TV and listening to kids songs, he also loves my phone! Would it be crazzzy to consider buying him his own? His favorite characters seem to be Elmo, Nemo and Dory. Which I don’t mind 🙂

That about wraps it up for now, mom life has been everything I imagined and better, I’m sure sooner than later we’ll have another little cutie running around.. But I’ll save that for another post.





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