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Fall Is Here, Yay!

Fall Is Here, Yay!

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year (aside from Christmas) and not just because it’s my birthday season. The weather is perfect, there is a fall spirit amongst everyone, pumpkins, fairs; oh the list goes on and on, literally. So I made a list! Check out why October is the best month, and I am sure you will agree!

1. The Weather! It’s a beautiful day, just about every day! Not too terribly hot, not too cold. Just perfect for a picnic or taking the dog for a walk. I wish it could stay like this year round!

2. Halloween, Of Course! This is definitely a favorite holiday, because you’re never too old to go Trick-or-Treating, right?

3. College Football..By the time October rolls around, things are getting serious. The first few weeks of figuring out which teams our going to really be productive this year are over and now things are more intense. Saturday’s are spent watching the game with a few friends and good food!

4. Candy Corn! This sweet treat is my favorite! I am not much of a candy person, but Candy Corn is a weakness and every fall, I have to have some!

5. Movies!!! I may not enjoy scary movies, but I can binge watch some Halloween movies! The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Casper, Halloweentown, oh this could be a listicle of it’s own!

6. Fall Scents! Walk into Bath and Bodyworks and fall in love. ‘Nuff said.

7. The Changing Colors. The trees are beautiful when the colors begin to change and the air is crisp. There really is no more beautiful time of year!

8. Fall Outfits. Boots, scarves, leggings, and sweaters, does it get any cuter?! Fall is a girl’s best friend when it comes to her wardrobe.

9. Fall Festivals..The State Fair, The Revel, or whatever other festivals you may have wherever you are, there is always lots to do on the weekends in October!

10. Pumpkin-Flavored Everything. Because pumpkin is life, and anything pumpkin flavored makes life worth living, right? I’ll take 10 pumpkin spiced lattes pleeeease.

I think Fall, much like New Years represents a new beginning. Something about freshly sharpened pencils, seeing school buses on the roads again. It’s a fresh start, time for a new wardrobe and every outfit looks great when your holding a hot latte or a hot chocolate, am I right?

It’s an excuse to re decorate your home and have bowls of candy everywhere… Or is that just me? And let’s not forget the Fall themed candles, uhhm (makes me want to run to bath and body works as we speak.

This could be a list of a 100 things, because everything about Fall is the best! What are your favorite things about Fall? 🙂

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