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Kareem’s 18 Month Update

Kareem’s 18 Month Update

Kareem has officially started pre school and it’s going fantastically! It’s a pre school that is screen free and incorporates a lot of creative play and physical activity! He gets to spend time socializing with other kids and it has helped a lot with hitting his developmental milestones early!

Kareem’s favorite meals are Indian style butter chicken, pasta and fruits (strawberries, peaches, blueberries and bananas). He also loves cheese and crackers.

<—- Lunch Time: cheese, crackers, turkey, cherry tomato, red peppers and cucumbers.

He has officially stopped toddler formula, except on occasion and now drinks almond milk, cow’s milk and sometimes chocolate milk.

Kareem has knocked off his first nap of the day and now just has one afternoon nap. He naturally weaned himself from his pacifier and now sometimes cuddles with the stuffed animal.

Kareem’s favorite TV shows are Paw Patrol, Aladin ¬†and nursery rhythms videos!

His favorite things are tossing around a ball, playing tag and tickle fights! This long weekend we may hit up an indoor jungle gym again, which Kareem also seems to enjoy! He is still traveling with me anywhere I go and we’re in the process of setting up some more upcoming trips! I can’t wait to take him to New York next month and Christmas is planned in Mexico! I’m also hoping to start planning his second birthday soon, we’re thinking Dubai or Egypt!

We’re still trying to figure out Kareem’s Halloween outfit but hopefully we can trick or treat at a few doors before we host a party!

Kareem loves to shower over taking a bath and he loves swimming and skipping rocks! He had a great time in Halifax this summer and then Dallas.

He later stayed with my parents for a long weekend while I went away for my birthday and he really enjoyed it! They spoiled him in a hotel all weekend long!

<— Kareem and Ahmed in Halifax! Kareem’s favorite thing is running to his dad the second he gets thru the door from work! I’ve been trying to coordinate us sitting down for dinner together at least 3 times a week.

Can’t wait to see how much Kareem changes and grows in the next few months! I feel like time is flying by.

Annnnnd, looking into adding another member to our family.



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