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Author: Amira

Winter Skincare Routine!

Taking care of your skin is crucial all year but it’s especially important during the cold winter months! When that chill hits the air, it’s time to get your skin hydrated! Dryness can be uncomfortable, and it’s important to defend yourself against the elements in order to maintain smoothness all season long. Keeping skin beautiful and hydrated in colder weather calls for both internal and external care. During the summer months, humid air helps to moisturize the skin, and the nourishing minerals in vitamin D are more easily accessible because of the vast amount of sunlight. People also tend to...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Lovers!

I’ve received hundreds of questions and tweets asking my holiday set reccomendations! I’ve created a list of four must have holiday sets ranging from $20.00 – $100.00 perfect to cover everyone on your list on any budget! Happy Shopping 🙂  Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil Crayon! This set includes four colours POMEGRANATE, RHUBARB, SABLE & WINTERBERRY. It’s packaged a red tin box with a full size mirror on the inside which makes storing and traveling with them a breeze! Each lip crayon provides long lasting, matte lip colour. The set is made with a double-dose of premium micronized pigments,...

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Get The Discount!

I have a ton of exciting deals and sales for you guys from Folica! Folica is my one stop shop for all things hair! Folica offers thousands of the brands you love and allows you to shop with confidence with their 30 day returns, guaranteed authenticity and price match guarantee! These deals are PERFECT for any hair lover but also great if your starting your Holiday shopping!         ...

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How Would You Like To Pay For That

Here is the first official sneak peek of my new novel (coming soon) ‘How Would You Like To Pay For That’  “I thought that once my friends and I graduated from University everything would be different. Like somehow my degree would magically turn me into a responsible adult or something. As I walked into my bachelor apartment, that my parents still pay for, and poured myself a glass of cheap wine and streamed last night’s episode of the bachelor, I realized nothing’s changed.”...

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Twitter Talk! Q&A

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll remember my Twitter Talk series from my previous website! TT is when I answer all your random twitter questions that don’t fall into a specific category and aren’t long enough for me to dedicate an entire blog post for!  You can follow me and submit your questions on twitter by clicking HERE or by using the hash tag #AskAmira Q: What’s your favourite quote? “Everyday has the potential to be extraordinary” & “A girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous!”  Q: Next planned vacation? My next planned trip is to...

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Sneak Peek Into My Playlist

I’ve received a few Qs on Twitter recently asking me to share some of my favourite songs! I think a lot of people will be surprised to know my iPhone is mostly filled up with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Christmas songs but none the less I decided to share a few of my favourites for you!  I listen to this whenever I need a pick me up …. Who doesn’t love a classic love song? Does this song need an explanation?  This song makes me smile.. I listened to this song on repeat to get inspired for my...

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Are You A 'Real' Muslim?

Initially I was planning to ignore the countless emails, messages and tweets asking if I was a real Muslim because religion is such a personal matter but I decided to address it because these type of questions don’t just come from readers, they also come from friends, acquaintances and even extended family… More often than not I brush off these insensitive comments and questions regarding my religion because I’m confident in what I believe and I don’t feel that I need to justify or prove myself to anyone.  Some of the comments I’ve received… “Your not a real Muslim,...

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Secrets For A Happy Relationship

I’ve received some Qs from readers asking me my advice on maintaining a happy and healthy relationship! It’s no secret that relationships take work but through all the ‘bad’ some couples manage to maintain happy, healthy relationships while others struggle to stay together…

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How Would You Like To Pay For That?

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